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The Internet

Posted by lawlawsal on September 1, 2019

1 September 2019

I remember when I was 9, I consciously appreciated how amazing the internet is. Internet was not only new in my life, but it was also during its beginning phases in Myanmar. Video calls (remember VZOChat? ooVoo?) were a stable part of my life, and I remember appreciating how amazing it is to SEE and talk with someone from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be a million-dollar broadcasting channel to stream a live feed; A click of a button is all you need! And it’s REAL TIME! Some big box called “the computer” and a bunch of wires, that’s all you need. At 21 years old today, it still amazes me how incredible technology is.

I was always into technology. At around 5-6 years old, I would always be playing around with my parent’s flip phones, and their Nokias. Heckk, once, there was an unused cellular flip phone lying around, so my parents gave it to me and from then, it was ALWAYS by my side for the next few years. It had no games, apps, or a camera. It couldn’t even make a phone call (911 worked though. Freaked us out when they actually picked up). But it made me so happy. All I do is just switch around menus. 99% sure it is this phone, but if not, certainly a phone very similar to this.


My childhood love

I got off tangent there.

The internet really excited me. Around 2007, blogging community was growing, and I became part of it (This blog was created a few years after that; I started way before this with a Ning website). If anyone from back then is reading this, remember ProblemClean GoogleTalk ChatRoom? or MyanmarITDevelopment? or maybe even.. MyanmarITUpdate??

I branded myself as a 9 year old blogger (which is cringe today.. but it was a different time back then. And I was 9. What do I know). They were amazing times. I learned so much, and I CREATED so much! I was happy, because I was creating things that many people older than me were not! Sometimes, when I was the center of attention, I would also enjoy it! I chatted with adults EVERY SINGLE DAY, and many of them appreciated what I did (of course they’re also being nice because I’m a kid but I appreciate it nonetheless). I’ll make a different post about my journey as a blogger, because it was a big deal to me, a huge part of my life, and there are a lot of things I want to share!

Softwares, Computers, Internet, Websites; They all excited me so much.. I was always trying to learn and figure out what they are, playing around with html and css in an attempt to fix my website, trying to become more knowledgable at computers just because it. is. so. much. fun! That was until I was about 13 or so anyways. Since then, I lost the drive and the motivation. And I miss it so much.

I’m still so in love with technology today. It still excites me. I follow tech Youtubers. Tech subreddits. Tech shows. Watching and reading tech related stuff was and is still never a burden to me. It’s just like watching entertainment stuff. It is entertaining. But sadly, I’ve lost the drive to go out of my way to learn new stuff. A very big example is Programming. I love it. I love the logical challenges it brings. I especially LOVE automating things. Creating programs. Oh boi how I wish I was very good at programming. But I haven’t fully pushed myself to the max to improve myself. I’m still an absolute beginner because I never took the time. Writing about it now in words actually kinda makes me wonder why. It’s not because I’m discouraged by the long journey programmers go through. It’s also not because I don’t enjoy it, because on multiple occasions, I’ve gone on weeks and months of programming, and enjoyed it SOOOO much. I think I’m starting to realize a certain reason why, but I’ll leave it out of this post. But If that is the reason why, then I’m hoping I can be that excited kid again soon, and have the drive to push myself in the future! At least I hope.

Ok this post isn’t organized at all, going from topic to topic. Shows how little I write and how much I suck at it. Welps. I hope to improve.

Ahh. In Conclusion, I love the internet. I’ll title the next post “The Internet (Actual Post)” because I didn’t get to talk about a lot of the actual stuff I want to talk about in this one lol.

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